World Record 1100 Robots

An attempt for World Record "Largest chain of telepathic robots"

by -Dipshi Sharma

CLUB FIRST is one of the most acclaimed centers of learning in the world and undoubtedly the most respected Technical Club in India. 
Often dreams are dreamt and forgotten. But the people who dare to dream and put in their best endeavors to project it to the world are the ones who actually do. Abruptly, a thought spurt up and the mind starts cooking thinks over it. To challenge something incredible is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires myriad of quality factors which unite, toil, focus, determine and brings an obsession in oneself to pull off. Nevertheless, whichever or however the hurdles try to pull it down to the earth or worsen the circumstances; the people who keep an eye exactly at the target are the ones who take away the crown. Difficulties reinforce the spirit to win and face the challenge because it is without it the victory has a lesser taste of sweetness. This is exactly what happened in the incredulous and stupendous event of setting up a world record of 1100 robots. ‘1100’ is in itself a huge number to be even thought of for preparation of robots. Such a gigantic task really deserves a high accolade. Let’s get inside the eccentric backdrop of this heavy task and find out what more fascinating stories are hidden and how Club First reached its destination.

The CLUB FIRST commenced with the carving out a thought into action. We reached out to the college students, elucidated the idea to them and encouraged them to think out of the box. Reading the minds of thousands of people, convincing and motivating them to be a part of such a magnanimous activity was not an easy task. Gathering of thousands of active and techno-loving students and then management of such a mammoth crowd was an uphill struggle to achieve. Days turned into nights and nights to days and finally we stepped a stone with Regional College of Engineering, Rajasthan. The renowned lines of ‘The Alchemist’ left another imprint over here: ‘If we aspire of something direly, then entire world conspires to realize it’. The exhilarating spirits in us could not impede us. Then, we began the task of a tactical thinking and implementing it thoroughly. We planned out workshops and training sessions in Regional College on preparing of robots. These workshops and training sessions was on track for about a month which used to run for long working hours daily. The training sessions were stuffed with extremely knowledgeable topics of Robotics starting with the basics. PCB designing was major concern in action. Circuit designing on software, imprinting on PCBs, etching, drilling, mounting of components and finally soldering them manually was a heavy task. Now comes the most onerous and time-consuming task which examined our techno-skills comprehensively. The trouble shooting began with focusing on completion of tracks for electrical connectivity, closely observing the polarity of components mounted and then after, immaculate testing of soldering. The major concern was to observe the blinking of LEDs with the proper supply of current. Later on the motor driver ICs controlled the motion of the robot on receiving the signals from the master robot or the transmitter.

If the task of preparing a single robot was such a cumbersome one then you can imagine how tedious would be the undertaking of 1100 similar robots. This activity has to be recurred for ‘1100’ times which is not a child’s play. Thinking to challenge such an exceptional activity that too making thousands of students to consistently toil to attain the goal, calls for immense audacity and patience to taste success. Stepping forward with the same zeal we headed for final presentation of gargantuan rail of robots. Managing 1100 robots compiling them in series to display flawlessly before the audience was at the priority now. How much hard work had been put up or however great level of endeavors were made, the final day of presentation marks the grade. And thus, we stepped further towards the proposed date ’15-06-13’ which was setting to leave a mark in the history of India. Our work has picked up its high pace to take off now to soar high to the zenith. We were in high spirits because it was the time for that one thought to be projected before the world. We followed a simple strategy of not looking back once we have stepped in the field and thus, we were determined to attempt for as prestigious as the World Record. Hurdles were still chasing us as now we were looking for a wide space to make our robots perform. But hiring a place which has the capacity to put on show of ‘1100 robots’ and then to make sure it does not produce any interference was a great deal of action before us. Accommodating media persons of reputed newspapers and TV channels, photographers, venerated dignitaries, dignified Head of various institutions, many other technocrats and thousands of spectators were invited. This moreover heightened our requirement of deciding a place which fulfills all the criterions and the co-ordination and management of such a massive crowd. At last we hired a sprawling library hall in Regional College which lessens our obstacles to a much extent. Rigorous sessions of the workshops and labor of the students has taken a new speed now. All the work from PCB circuit designing to troubleshooting was manually done by students itself. And it what makes us different from other world records. Last few days before the proposed date were the most arduous of all. We spent sleepless nights for the arrangement of robots serially one after the other for a graceful display and ceremonially presenting the event. 
At last, the day of execution was before us to hit the calendar with golden rays of Sun. Bright mornings of 15-06-13 appears like euphoria to us who instilled more energy and fervor to make it do at any cost. Rehearsals for the performance of robots were going on from very morning. Gradually, the day turned into a cloudy exquisite evening. It felt like Sun too has relieved us from its scorching heat. Though the downpour came with a relief in the month of June but that could stood as an obstacle for our robots to imitate the master robot as it petrified us with devil of interference. But, with God’s grace and the belief we had in ourselves and also the hard slog we underwent from almost two months could never go in vain. The work was divided among the teams and every team has the different task to perform. This inculcated a team spirit and leadership qualities in the students as well. The work was on the power. The dignitaries for the judgment were:

  1. The Hon’ble Mayor of Jaipur, Rajasthan: Mrs Jyoti Khadelwal

  2. The Technical Education Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ram Kishore Saini

  3. Rtd. Chief Justice: Shri V S Dave

  4. The Zonal Commissioner at Jaipur Development Authority (JDA): Mr. Pankaj Ojha

  5. RAS Officer: Shri Alok Chaturvedi

After the ceremonial commencement of the program with the lamp lighting and addressing the distinguished guests and audience; Mr. Bhuvanesh Mishra, MD of Club First and Convener of this world record explicated the spectators about how the robots would be operated and some specifications about that. We aspired to set a record which encompassed the largest assembly of manually prepared robots by the students. All the robots were controlled through a wireless protocol from a distance of approximately 9,714.8 km. Lights, camera and recorders were all set to shoot and spectators have tightened their seat belts to witness the spectacular show. It was the time for some action now. How exhilarating we feel when we hear about a dancing performance! Isn’t it? And here it was even more than that: “rhythmical performance 1100 robots”. How obscure a choreographer may feel when he is asked to train 1100 people together? It would make him bang his head once to even think for it. So, you may now imagine how grueling it would have been to deal with 1100 robots together. That was the thrilling sight to watch out. As the master robot was all set to begin the game, hastily 1100 robots received the signals and the LEDs blinked abruptly. It was so miraculous and attention-grabbing sight that one has ever witnessed. All the robots acted together in such a co-ordination which is even intricate for humans sometimes. 1100 robots imitating a Mater robot- Not less than miracle! The difference was this unveiled the miracles of robotics. How euphoric one feels eye witnessing his dream coming true! We experienced it that day. The most breathtaking part was still left to be on fire. The DJ rolled the music and robots began with their terrific dancing. The accolade of claps and hooting of bystanders couldn’t stop our robots. The hall echoed out of hands being together. The ecstasy could be easily seen on the faces. 
The hon’ble Technical Minister, Mr. Ram Kishore Sani highly appreciated our work. Same expressions were given by Mrs. Jyoti Khandelwal (The Hon’ble Mayor) as well. All the prestigious guests of honor were glad as this has probably given a boom to the techno sector in Rajasthan. Till now we have seen Japan, China, Germany and US holding greater share in this particular field but now we Indians have also proved ourselves in the world of technology. They motivated the students with their words of enlightenment and step ahead with the same zeal and drive scores of wonders of technology for a better future.

BY- Dipshi Sharma