Where Technology Meets No End


(By: DIpshi Sharma)

The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and all forms of human life. The rapid advance of technology has changed many aspects of our daily lives to an extent which was entirely unpredictable just a decade ago. A grand show of technology comprising of myriad of technical competitions, conferences, expo, technical workshops, school events and what not; all were placed clubbed together for a show never before on the lands of Jaipur. The three days festival - Jaipur technical festival (JTF) held at SMS Investment Ground, Ambedkar Circle from 15th – 17th Februray’14.

JTF opened up on 15th Februray’14; immaculately commenced with its inauguration ceremony. Following the Indian tradition, JTF marked this auspicious day by offering prayers in the form of lamp lighting. Following were the esteemed dignitaries who graced the event by their presence at the inaugural ceremony.

  1. The Hon’ble Chief Guest: Shri Akshok Parnami, Rajasthan State BJP Head
  2. The Hon’ble Guest of Honor:  Shri Surendra Pareek, MLA
  3. The Hon’ble Special Guest: Shri Akhilesh Jain, MD, REIL

Following the felicitation of all the venerated judges and their encouraging speeches instilled everyone present there with a spirit of developing the nation into a techno world. The Indian society of lighting Engineers (ISLE) in association with Indian Society of heating, Refrigerating & Air-conditioning Engineers and CLUB FIRST presented this spectacular mega event. Er. R.S. Saxena was the Chairman of JTFE’14 along with the Chairman of ISHARE, Mr. Amit Kakkar and Mr. Bhuvanesh Mishra, the Managing Director of CLUB FIRST were the vigilant backbone of this event. The main objective of this fest is to promote clean and green technologies for sustainable development and energy conservation. The Jaipur Technical Festival and International Expo 2014 was organized with a view to depict the latest trends and technologies in the industry with special emphasis on renewable energy efficient products to enhance and encourage the use of renewable source of energy over the conventional sources. It came up with a platform where people from various industries and the general public had an insight about the growing industrial trends. The other segment of Jaipur Technical Festival and International Expo 2014 mesmerized the crowd with magnificent and popular exhibits that included the display of practical engineering stuffs of various vehicles including cars, motor bikes, etc. This helped to provide a better scenario for the public to understand the leading technology behind the latest gadgets. Thus, it made easier for them to go with the most appropriate and latest machines. JTF publicized the developments taking place in lighting, solar, biomass and industries related to energy efficient products and provided excellent marketing opportunities for all the products and services. The Green expo flaunting dynamic lighting products, LED, CFL, Hybrid lighting etc, and Net-zero building products along with solar and eco products were the biggest attraction of this three day event. 

The first day marked it very appearance by conducting captivating and mind-blogging competitions like robo war pro, robo war rookie, nito mix rookie, nitro mix pro, throttles rookie, throttles pro, line follower and open hardware. There were more than 5000 participants from around 1000 colleges across India. The co-sponsors of JTF were K-LITE, REIL, Samsung, Blue star, Philips, LG and the list goes on.

The enthusiasm and zeal shown by the visitors and student from outside Jaipur has set the epoch for the mood. The ambience was simply vivacious where more than 500 student coordinators from around 40 colleges of Jaipur willingly joined and helped out in the coordination and implementation of this grand event. They loved to experience all those practical and live-demonstration of technical web behind the theory of textbooks. With this the first day of JTF winded up with the vote of thanks given by Dr. Manoj Gupta, Secretary, ISLE.

The second day of JTF commenced with plethora of new stuff throwing light on the other fields of technology. Following the traditional beginning of the day, the second day comprised of the technical seminar on Clean and green technologies for sustainable development and Energy conservation. The inaugural of this technical Seminar was done by the following venerated dignitaries.

  1. The Hon’ble Chief Guest: Shri H.L. Meena, Former PWD Secretary & RPSC member
  2. The Hon’ble Guest of Honor: Shri Akhilesh Jain, M.D., REIL 

The Technical sessions included the expert talks on net zero energy building by Shri Ashish Rakheja. Further sessions embraced of achieving sustainable design & energy efficiency through an Integrated system approach (by SHri Jyptirmay Mathur), Sustainable building design (by Shri Gurpreet Shah), new trends in Solar system (by Shri Mukesh Mathur) and lastly the session winded up by Shri Arvind kaul discussing about emerging trends in lighting design and tri source metering. The industry practitioners, developers and the general public enthusiastically joined it to be the part of this extravagant event and extract the best of it in all it means.

Finally, the closing ceremony of this mega event was held on 17th Fevruary’14 at the same venue comprising of prize distribution. Cash prizes and coveted trophies were given to the winners in all the technical events. Wrapping up such a technical event never before in Jaipur was a source of inspiration and place of learning and experiencing for each one of us. Thus, closing up with an anticipating note that next year again JTF Team will come up with some more fun; with more fervor and new trends in technology, energy conservation and sustainable development conferences cum expert talks.

JTF Team promised to change the world through technology with newer ans sustainable ideas coupled with innovation at a show never before. Thus, everyone experienced a grandeur where ideas meet ability to showcase the finest masterpieces.

For more details visit www.jaipurtechnicalfestival.com