First Initiatives


The concept henceforth is as follows

The concept of a technical school program “Budding Technocrat” is to inculcate the technical traits among the school students in their very early classes. This noble vision will not only help school children to develop their interest about technology but also render them a fair chance to convert their ideas into realities by hands-on practical work/projects.

Need of Concept

  1. Technology Need
  1.  Depth of Understanding

 Depth of understanding in technology education” develops positive attitudes towards their peers and understanding the value of working with others"). Technology activities have the potential to allow all children to succeed...Interactive simulations and illustrations can produce a much greater depth of understanding of a concept. When virtual manipulative are used in a classroom setting they can go far beyond chalk and talk. Using a projector, the teacher can conduct onscreen investigations and demonstrate concepts far more easily than with just words and arm-waving

b) Collaboration

 The student will know more about this word he will start to involve himself with new technology. He will come in contact with people of the industry in which he is learning, this won’t only improve his learning but also his interaction power will improve. Students will share their ideas, they will get the solution of their problems .students will be in contacts with those people who are working in technical industry this environment will help the student to fix their view   towards their future

      c) Going Global

Knowledge of?

      d) Update in technology

As technology is changing every second it is important to have knowledge about latest updates in technology, because of technical education students learn new things. Students will be in contact with new update in technical field, as he will learn new things his imagination power will increase from his school age he will be ready to go in the market where he will have to go after graduation. Student will be more aware that what is going around him, how many new technology are coming into market and which one is beneficial for him to make future.



  1. Learning about “How stuff works?”

Students will learn that how stuff works in real , practical demonstration will clear all problems which generally comes during studies his confidence level will increase because of practical knowledge .when students will have a kind of

Knowledge in practical he will not feel any obstacle when he will go out to fix his future.

Technical scenario in our state

Now days, many institutes provide technical and professional courses in our country.There are numbers of engineering college which provides technical courses, like electronics engineering , mechanical engineering, computer engineering but students has to passed their senior level to take admission in engineering colleges before this students have to studied all terms in form of their syllabus in school and somewhere we found lack of knowledge in technology because students do not get proper guidance in school it is not that our school teachers don’t do well but they too have burden to complete the syllabus. Students read all stuff in books and if possible then they some practical also. Is it sufficient? I think that foundation play a most important role for future.

Book Following

In school students read only what they have in their books, they just try to complete their syllabus doesn’t matter they got the terms properly or not.

Exam based study

So far in our school students ask to read according to their syllabus so that they can get good marks in board exams. When a student take admission in new class he suffers a force to complete the syllabus because some time “midterm are coming” after midterm half yearly exams are coming and after that yearly exams. Students reads books throughout the year without proper practical knowledge and finally   student become bookworm.

  1. Reason of adversity in technology

We know that there are so many engineering colleges which provide technical education, some school also have well equipped practical labs then why the graph of results is going down results. Just take an example in the month of April 2012 a news flashes in newspaper that exam conducted by RTU( Rajasthan technical  university)of 2nd year there are 20000 students appear for regular and 40000  students are those students who were  having back in that exam. What it shows we can easily understand. What is the reason behind this; according to our opinion if

Roots are weak of a tree then we cannot expect good mangoes. All technical terms students read in their school especially in (3rd to 12th) Std take an elaborate form in engineering colleges and if students could not understand properly that things in school then how can he get those things in engineering level. To remove this problem we should prepare students from school level. There are some points which may be cause…

  1. Application of study in real life
  2. Lack of practical implementation
  3. Lack of Resources