First Group of Companies


Club First Techno EduSolutions Pvt. Ltd., established in 2006 with four aims of we make, we aware, we train and we manage. It is a group of technical experts who put in their ideas together for improvement & research in science & technology.

CLUB-FIRST is now at every technical corner, in several engineering colleges and technical institutes in various cities almost over the nation. CLUB-FIRST serves to several industries, institutes and schools to provide a platform for intellectual ideas in different fields of science & technology.

What we do?

We create: 
Club First creates new products and live projects as per the industrial demands. Club First owns its Research & Development laboratory where a team of experts discover inventions and give birth to newer and advanced technologies. Highly corporate industries and government bodies are in contact with us for bringing up inventions in the field of Science & Technology. 

We make:
The team of experts at Club First puts best of their endeavors and discover projects for commercial purposes in the market. The exponential growth of automation worldwide has led us to discover products like humanoids, housekeeping robots, serving robots in hotels & Vending machines etc. Club First team promises to innovate even newest than the newer and serve the nation. Following are our leading products

First Automation

We are the manufacturer of different models of Water ATMs. Water is basic need of every living species and drinking pure water is the right of every single human. These various models provide the safe and tested RO purified water to every corner at a very cheap cost.

Compact Water ATMs

We are the manufacturer and suppliers of compact Water ATM. These machines are basically designed for the urban areas where there is high TDS and also for the public areas like park, museum, bus stands etc.

The design is too attractive to grab the attention of visitors. We had already installed number of machines at different urban places of Jaipur. It costs very low and provides chilled and pure RO water.

Mobile van

One of the best products that our company manufactures is the mobile dispensing unit. These dispensers are used to dispense purified water. It is basically used in the areas where there is extremely shortage of water and electricity. The ADU (Automatic Dispensing Unit) of vans are too smart with remote monitoring.

RO Plant

We are the manufacturer of RO plant also. We supply and installed number of RO plants in different rural areas. These plants provide 20ltr pure water in lowest price. These are fully automated and both card and coin acceptor. The need of automation in RO plant is to reduce the wastage of water.

We train:
Club First provides quality and enhanced training on robotics, aero modeling and image processing. We deliver technical workshops, seminars, talk shows and such events across the nation including schools, colleges, universities and all the professionals in the techno field. 

We aware:
Our prime focus remains to spread technical awareness throughout the nation and let people know, understand and learn about the newest technologies. Club First organizes many technical events, competitions, camps and rallies as well to make technology reach every door step. Jaipur Technical Festival and World record of 1100 robots were the biggest examples among these.

We manage:
Also being a technical Management firm, Club First organizes & manages many technical fests, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, talk shows, air show and presenting marvelous and likeable shows like flower dropping, flying camera, laser show, technical magical show and many such exciting events.